Artist’s Bio

Massachusetts was my home as a child. Art was my special interest. From the age of eight I took art lessons from a talented neighbor, and continued with that focus.

As an art major just graduated from Smith College, I accepted a position teaching at an experimental high school in Melbourne, Florida. It was exhilarating, especially a last-minute challenge to teach humanities as well as art. But after one year I married and raised three children with my Norwegian husband in Norway and Switzerland. I didn’t teach outside of my home for many years. But when an art position opened in Switzerland at the International School of Geneva, which my children were attending, I dove into a ten-year international experience teaching students from over a hundred countries. A move to Florida’s Atlantic coast provided culture shock as I met the challenges of a changing American society. For eight years I taught art and Theory of Knowledge, a fascinating course in critical thinking demanded of high school students who were following the International Baccalaureate program. Another move within Florida provided an opportunity to teach art to younger children at a new charter school for kindergarten through fifth grade. Developing an art curriculum there was a delightful creative process.

 After several years of adjusting to changes in my personal and professional life, I am excited to help launch a program in the visual arts in Logan.

The Cache Valley Center for the Arts provides an excellent venue for developmental training and inspiration in the many forms of visual art. Everyone has artistic potential. And everyone is invited to explore that potential through the courses which this program will provide. There will be particular emphasis on helping children and teens become active participants in creating and appreciating art. There will also be courses for adults. We anticipate growth in the offerings that we can provide.